How it's work

Explore the World

After signing up, you will receive a gift supply of energy. You will need it to open hexes. Under each hex you can find resources, buildings

How to explore?

When you open the map you will see seven hexes. This is the available area of action. In this area you may open new hexes and interact with existing. Once a month the open territory will shrink if you don't take it over.


When you register, you will be prompted to choose a fraction. Each fraction has its own territory and a special resource, such as ice or fire.
A resource is required to take over a territory. Captured territory generates resources, the more it is the more resources you can collect on it.
Territory capture is available from level 2.

Ore deposits

Sometimes you will find deposits of ore. They are characterized by the size of the reserves; the bigger they are, the more you can get there.


The mine can be built in the deposit or found on the map. For the mine to start mining it is necessary to provide it with workers and boxes to collect the ore. Workers are different - slaves do their work slowly and inefficiently, engineers, on the other hand, work well.
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Rotten valid
The entire world is divided into huge sectors. Each sector includes 117,000 hexes. A sector is like a city - it has its own economy, residents, and mayor.
Each resident of a sector has its own rating; the higher the rating, the closer to the position of mayor.
Rating depends on your scores, each empty hex gives 1 point, hex with construction gives from 10 points.
The player with the most points may become mayor.
Mayor elections are held on the first day of each month.