How to make money?

Yes, you can earn money in this game yes, you can do it without paying a single penny of your own funds.
However, there are ways to earn money that involve investments.

Ways to make money without any investment

1) Exploring the world you can find coins. Sometimes you will find from 1 to 5 coins.
2) The referral program will allow you to earn a percentage of all the coins spent by the players you referred
3) Mining from gold mines - passive income on the extraction of coins.
Everything that is earned can be converted and withdrawn into a cryptocurrency.

Methods of earning, implying the presence of coins (deposited on the balance or earned in the game)

1) Opening wooden, silver and gold hexes - under them you can find more serious treasures - up to 9000 coins.
2) Construction of wooden and gold hexes - you need to build a specified hex in order to receive a reward many times the cost of construction.